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Apr 4, 2023

In this episode, host Dr. Jennifer Young Pierce answers listener questions about cancer. She explains where cancer can travel in the body, how treatments can be tailored to individual patients, how technology has changed cancer diagnosis and treatment, and the importance of psychological and physical support for cancer patients and their caregivers. Plus, Dr. Pierce provides helpful advice on topics ranging from financial support and support groups to home remedies and tips for sex after cancer treatment. Tune in for an informative and candid conversation about the challenges of cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

Episode Takeaways

- Cancer can spread to any part of the body depending on the type of cancer and how it is growing. 

- Cancer treatment is tailored to the individual patient, taking into account all of their risk factors, energy levels, and logistical needs.

- Prevention is the most successful form of cancer treatment, which includes staying up to date with cancer screenings, genetic tests, and recommended vaccines. 

- Technology has changed how cancer is diagnosed and treated, making it more precise and less toxic. Additionally, psychological supports are available for cancer patients and their caregivers, including social workers for financial and other real-life stressors.

- It is important to have a holistic approach to cancer treatment, combining Eastern and Western medicine, as well as safe over-the-counter medications, supplements and physical therapy. 

- Establishing a connection between partners is important for a healthy sex life after cancer. Activities such as going on dates and holding hands can be helpful.

- Men and women may have different needs when it comes to sex after cancer, and it is important to talk to a doctor and find the right balance for both partners. Impotence can be an issue, and there are options available to help.



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