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Mar 26, 2024

In this episode, Dr. JYP talks with Gina Gregory, a breast cancer survivor and a second-time Cancering Show guest. Gina shares her journey five years after her initial diagnosis, discussing the difficulties of living with cancer and the side effects from treatment, such as receding gums and ringing ears. She is open about the challenges, as well as the strength and faith she gained along the way.

Gina offers advice on how survivors can manage their health after cancer, including eating a balanced diet (and finding a middle ground with organic foods), and making time for regular workouts. Having celebrated five years of survivorship, she continues to take her medication and stay healthy. She also highlights the importance of finding support, maintaining humor and connecting with others.

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Cancering Show EP5: Warrior Princess Gina Gregory

3 Episode Key Takeaways

1. Embracing Survivorship with a Balanced Approach:

Gina Gregory shares her journey as a five-year cancer survivor, emphasizing the long-term nature of Cancering. She touches on the importance of a balanced diet that isn’t solely focused on “natural” foods, and the need for regular workouts. Survivorship is a process, she says, involving a combination of medical follow-ups, maintaining a positive mindset, and making wise lifestyle choices.

2. The Power of Community and Openness:

Gina openly discusses the challenges she faced during and after her treatment, including unexpected side effects, such as receding gums and tinnitus, and her coping strategies, such as weightlifting to build strength and humorous storytelling for emotional resilience. She also underscores the value of having shared her experiences on Facebook Live, which provided catharsis and engaged her community. Gina and Dr. JYP also discuss the necessity of staying connected with healthcare professionals and support networks to fend off online misinformation about cancer and survivorship.

3. Advancements in Cancer Care and Long-Term Impact:

The latest advancements in cancer treatments, such as immunotherapy, have significantly improved the outlook for patients and the quality of survivorship. Gina expresses gratitude for the care she received at the USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute and speaks about her current activities, including her role on the Mobile City Council. This episode underscores how cancer survivors can find strength and a new perspective on life during the journey.


Show Overview

02:23 Adjusting and forgetting: The new normal emerges

05:05 Surviving cancer treatment, dealing with side effects

06:33 Sharing the Cancering journey publicly

11:40 Post-diagnosis focus on healthy eating and exercise

15:04 Experiencing side effects, but managing well

16:43 Diagnosis and treatment, facing the whirlwind and moving forward

19:27 Immunotherapy and new medications

24:36 Staying vigilant, remaining positive and trusting the professionals

27:30 Supportive colleagues during the illness

29:24 Valuable advice for cancer patients

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